Lobster Ravioli

This was a fairly time consuming dish to prepare. This dish is lobster ravioli with homemade pasta in a brown butter sauce.


  1. cook 2 lobsters in a large pot and clean off meat. IMG_4193
  2. While cooking lobster also roast garlic in oven. Zest and juice a lemon and chop some parsley.
  3. Then mix the filling consisting of the lobster meat, lemon, parsley and  ricotta cheese.IMG_4204

  4. Then make fresh pasta dough. Sheet the pasta cut it out and form the ravioli. While this is being done also brown some butter in a pan.
  5. Mix heavy cream with the browned butter. At the same time boil the ravioli. IMG_4210

  6. Finally mix sauce and pasta and serve:IMG_4216